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We are a team of local Utahns who see a need to keep it local. We've seen a lot of companies that go elsewhere for products and services because they just don't know that they exist here.
We are starting this connection directory to be free to list your company or service and free to search. Eventually we do hope to cover our costs and maybe make a little for ourselves, but for now let's just connect and keep it here at home as best we can.
If you list your company/service here we do expect you to give a little extra to each other. This doesn't necessarily mean just a good deal, but also a little extra time, advice and a fair bid — especially to our smaller companies and entrepreneurs. If you're searching for a supplier, please let them know where you found them and spread the word about this directory so we can better serve each other.

UtahInnovations.com is a directory service listing companies and resources here in Utah by category. Select "Directory" in the menu and then the category you’re looking for. If you want to get your company added to our resource list, just fill out this form, then click submit.

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